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Student Calling Cards and Student Phone Cards
The demand for student calling cards is on the rise with
millions of students looking for inexpensive and reliable
calling solutions each year. Store purchased plastic
phone cards are easily lost and can be difficult to use -
with PIN numbers that constantly change and unreliable
Customer Service centers. That's why BestAndSmart
Shop has made it easy for students to find Online
calling cards and is a leader in student phone card,
study abroad calling card and dormitory calling plan
Phone Cards & Calling Cards for International Students
Solaris Phone Card
Student Phone Card Calling to United States from Abroad
3 Easy Steps to Buy a Student Phone Card - Student Calling Card
1. Select Country to Search for the Best Student Phone Card Rates!
2. Place an Order with Secure Charge On-line!
3. Receive your Student Phone Card Online Instantly!
Student Calling Cards Faq's
Who uses student calling cards?
- Thousands of college students and international students use student phone
cards each year to help save on domestic and international calls. Online phone
cards are the easiest solution for student phone calls.

Can I refill my student phone card and use it all year?
- Yes! Student calling cards can be refilled online, anytime, by students
themselves or their parents! And refilling your calling card never changes the PIN
number or dialing information!

Will I receive a plastic copy of my card in the mail?
- We sell only virtual student calling cards and do not mail a physical card. You will
receive your PIN code and instructions via email and can log into your account
online anytime to check out usage, balance and purchase information for your

I'm studying abroad, could I use a student phone card to call home?
- Absolutely! The Solaris Student Phone Card listed above can be used from over
95 different countries by dialing a toll free or local access number in that country,
entering in your PIN number, and dialing the number you'd like to reach.
Student Phone Card Calling to United States from Abroad
Bizon Phone Cards
- Can be used from a dormitory phone, pay phone,    
land-line or cell phone
- No additional maintenance or connection fees
- Register up to six numbers for PIN-less dialing
- Speed dial feature available
- Prepaid card - No surprise bills!
- Calls can be made from over 95 countries
- No additional maintenance or connection fees
- Can be refilled online by students, their parents or
- Refillable PIN number never changes
- Prepaid card
- No surprise bills!
Student Calling Cards
Phone Card Tips for Students Studying in the USA and Abroad
■Phone cards purchased over the Internet typically offer more competitive rates
and higher quality connections; compared to phone cards that are purchased
over the counter (OTC).

■Purchase lower denomination phone cards and try to use them up during a
single phone call. This tip may help you avoid additional fees to receive the
minutes you have paid for.

■Some phone cards will provide very different rates if used from a payphone or
cellular phone. Likewise, calls originating from a country outside of the US and
terminating in the US will have higher rates due to international surcharges.

■Make your purchase based upon the type of phone call you will be making:
◦US domestic

■Know how long your average phone call usually lasts so that you can select the
appropriate phone card denomination (e.g. $5, $10, $20).

■Know the per minute rounding for any card you purchase. For example, three
minute rounding means minutes are deducted from your card in blocks of three,
even if you make a one minute phone call.

■If you are traveling outside of the US, make sure you know if your phone card will
work internationally.
Bizon Phone Cards
Lucky Minutes Phone Cards
Buy Solaris Calling Card
Buy Golden Lotus Calling Card